Me, circa 1993.

Me, circa 1993.

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Hi! I'm Alison. 

Designer, gallette enthusiast, needlepoint nerd, poodle mom. 

After wearing many extravagant hats in the art world, all roads have led me to where I probably should have been all along: design.

I'm passionate about making beautiful tangible things. I'm easy to communicate with, I don't like jargon, and I'm great with moms. 

Born in Miami Beach, 1985. 
Reared in Milwaukee, 1986-2003
Schooled in Providence, 2003-2007
Hustled in Chicago, 2007 - 2017
Back in MKE makin’ magic at MAM 2017 - Present

What's with the poodles?
Not including my grumpy poodle beast, Sonny, these dogs are the best on the planet. They are super smart, loyal, and quirky - everything I hope to be when I grow up. 

Want to work with me on a project?
Let me know!

Would you like to see my credentials?
My resume is here.