After my official time had ended at DPAM, I had the absolute pleasure to work with a brilliant group of artists based in Los Angeles, CA called the Metabolic Studio. It was my duty to create a sort of exhibition catalogue / record of the time they spent photographing Chicago with a camera fashioned out of a shipping container. The work was of epic scale (photos were nearly 10 feet long!) so we created a giant double sided accordion fold book, that unfolded and revealed a full image on the interior. Tough to explain, very cool in person. The design of the catalogue also informed the exhibition graphics. 

This piece was also hugely exciting for me as a designer, as it was accepted into the Society of Typographic Arts Archive / Chicago Design Archive. 


About the exhibition:

Liminal Infrastructure presents newly commissioned photographs made in and around Chicago by the Optics Division of the Metabolic Studio. Working with the Liminal Camera, a massive, portable camera obscura fashioned from a shipping container, the Optics Division uses experimental technology in an ongoing effort to map and depict the American landscape. These large-scale prints not only highlight the evolving history of photographic imaging, but also locate the city of Chicago within a complex global network of transportation systems, industry, and commerce. Essays were written by curator Gregory J. Harris and scholar Lawrence Weschler.