Speick Soap // Packaging Re-Design 

Speick is a German company that has been family owned since 1928. Speick itself is a plant that is known for its natural calming properties, and is now a protected species that only Speick the company has rights to harvest. 

The original Speick packaging (the final slide below) proved that it was the working man's soap - zero frills. However, I've found online that his brand has a cult following on shaving blogs. I do understand the appeal of the simple packaging on some levels. It feels like a "best kept secret" product, or one that you use because you aren't being seduced by glossy design. Maybe its the Schlitz of Soap? Maybe you use this soap because your dad and grandfather did too, and maybe the smell brings back memories. (It does happen to smell really good.) 

So, all that said, my re-design plays up it's Heritage in the Alps, and it's masculine following. This was a delicate balance -- trying to update without alienating  the original client base who may be turned off by a sleek redesign. I re-designed the box (final size 6cmx8.7cm) and the wax paper the soap comes wrapped in.